Saturday, April 1st, cloudy

Saturday, April 1st, cloudy @ Karuizawa, high 17 °C, low 3 °C

Today was April Fool’s Day. In France, we call it “Poisson d’avril” (April Fish), a game in which we secretly paste a picture of a fish on a person’s back. I often saw fish pictures and chocolates on the streets. Easter and April Fool’s Day are both events that remind me of spring.

About the bean sprout that I ate several weeks ago, soaked the seeds in water and left them in the kitchen, and they regenerated beautifully ! Spring is delightful !

Friday, March 24, cloudy later rain

@ Karuizawa, high 17 °C, low 9 °C

I tried my hand at printmaking at a woodblock printmaking class in Karuizawa. It was the first time for me to do printmaking by layering colors, so it was fun! After wondering what kind of picture I should make, I decided to make that scene that was so shocking to me. It was early in the morning on a day in midwinter when the temperature dropped to -15 degrees Celsius, and the water dripping from the bathroom tap was frozen solid.

Sunday, March 19, sunny

Sunday, March 19, sunny @ Ueda, high 5 °C, low -1 °C

I saw a French film called “Petite Maman” by Céline Sciamma in Ueda Eigeki. When I heard the name of the director, I remembered her film “Portrait of a Girl on Fire” that I saw on a plane a few years ago. At that time I did not know her, but I was very surprised by the beauty of the images in this film.

As for today’s film, there were also a number of very impressive scenes and I thought again that I love this director. This film gave me a feeling of strangeness, as if the border between children and adults disappeared.

The French children are very independent and mature.



Saturday, March 18, snow

Saturday, March 18, snow @ Ueda, high & °C, low 0 °C

I went to listen to a biwa (Japanese lute) playing the story of Heike Monogatari. It seems that there are many types of biwa, and this time, it was a satsuma-biwa. The biwa is not played horizontally, but vertically, and the plectrum is very large, like a fan spread out, which surprised me.

She rubbed the strings with the plectrum to express the sound of the wind, or hit the belly board hard to create a rhythm. It was really great! She told us the famous stories of [Gion Shojya] and [Danno-ura] as well as [Kurikara-ochi] and [Tomoe], which she chose to tell us about the part of the story related to Yoshinaka Kiso, because the Maruko district of Ueda city is the place where Kiso Yoshinaka raised his army.

The interpreter was Mrs. Sae Ishida. I felt a little strange because her name was the same as mine.



Friday, March 10, sunny

Friday, March 10, sunny @ Koenji, high 22 °C, low -13 °C

I spent a night at my aunt’s house after my training in Tokyo. The Kuu-chan dachshund has a shiny coat. He has a dignified profile. When I talked to him, he turned his head to look at me. How lovely !

The new title is …

It’s been two years since I moved from Grenoble, France to Karuizawa town in Nagano prefecture.

Time just flies by as I wonder what to do with this site ……

I want to do something! So I decided to change the title.

The new title is …


Something like “Enikki”.

Yes. In fact, the title “A Japanese woman in the Alps” is no longer appropriate. Besides, I can’t narrow it down to one theme for this site. I got lost…I think pictures would help my writing, so I call it “something like “ENIKKI” (diary presented with pictures). I hesitated to say it’s ENIKKI. So I said something like “ENIKKI” . I thought it was a good idea.

If I don’t do anything, I’ll end up doing nothing, so I’d like to take it a little bit at a time, thinking as I go.

Wednesday, February 22, cloudy

Wednesday, February 22, cloudy @ Karuizawa, high 3 °C, low -9 °C

As I was about to park my car in the parking lot, a wagtail crossed the street in front of me.

I parked my car and peeked out the window.

As the wagtail walked, the soft feathers on either side of the wagtail swayed and fluttered.

Wednesday January 1 Sunny

Wednesday January 1 Sunny @ Takasaki High  14°C, low 1°C


I spent New Year’s Day at my parents’ house. I never get tired of seeing killifish and kawaebi in the aquarium. The kawaebi have transparent bodies and float around in the water, wiggling their legs in small movements.

Wednesday November 23 Rain

Wednesday November 23  Rain @ Karuizawa, high 6 °C, low 4 °C

As the weather turned colder, Ivy’s green leaves began to turn brownish.

As I approached the plant to see if it was okay, I found a small ladybug.

Wednesday, October 17 Cloudy, then rainy

Wednesday, October 17   Cloudy, then rainy @ Karuizawa High 17°C, low 11°C

I saw a daurian redstart on my walk. The red belly and the white triangular pattern on its back are distinctive.

According to a folk tale from the Nishi-Seto region, the sparrow and the daurian redstart are sisters.

The picture of the moon and Atsushi Watanabe

Recently, I’ve been into the photo of the moon. Since I’ve begun to take pictures of the moon, I’ve become more sensitive for the color of the sky, the time and the direction of the moonrise and the sunrise, etc. Because of that, my life became more fulfilling. The other day, I found by chance an article written about “How’s Hikikomori now because of COVID-19” on NHK News Web. It was the chance for me to participate in the project “Onaji Tsuki Wo Mita Hi (The day when we saw the same moon). In this article, a Japanese artist Atsushi Watanabe, who experienced Hikikomori, has offered an interesting project entitled “Onaji Tsuki Wo Mita Hi.” Taking the pictures of moon and sharing them, we can communicate with people who feel lonely. I think the idea of this project is very romantic!

It’s very interesting to communicate with the people who are in complicated situations like being a hikikomori and to know several ways of thinking through the pictures of the moon. First of all, the organizer of this project, Atsushi Wanabe, is a very interesting man who has solid conviction! By communicating with him, my prejudice against hikikomori is completely pulverized ! Now, he does the exhibition entitled Shufuku no Monument (monument-of-recovery) at BankART SILK in Yokohama. It will continue until next Sunday, July 26th. You can find more information below. If you were interested in this exhibition, please don’t hesitate to visit it. I think that he is present at BankART SILK, so if you talked to him, he would be happy!

Atsushi WATANABE “Monument of recovery”

Jomo Karuta (Card game)

Last Friday, I did a Japanese workshop at the library. First I talked about the Japanese New Year (Oshogatsu) and then we played Jomo Karuta (Card games). After playing the normal way (taking the drawing card as a result of reading the text card), we also had fun composing words with our favorite cards or talking about our favorite cards. Some participants wrote words in their own way, such as Samurai, Niku (meat in Japanese) etc.

These are my favorite cards.
す SU/ Susonoha Nagashi Akagiyama (Beautiful mountain)
せ SE/ Senkyo Ozenuma Hananohara (Very beautiful flower)
ふ FU/ Bunbukuchagama no Morinji (What a cute badger)
み MI/ Minakami Tanigawa Suki-to Tozan (One person in white)
よ YO/ Yo no Chiri Arau Shima Onsen (Nude!)

By the way, “Jomo” is the old name of Gunma Prefecture. I bought the card game when I went home to my parents house at the end of the year. It was my first time looking at these cards carefully. The drawings are very beautiful and on the back of a card, there are explanations on each drawing. And I noticed again that this game is nice!

cf. list of Jomo Karuta